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Uldaman Reagent RunUldaman Reagent RunGhak Healtouch42 Loch Modan
Skullsplitter TusksSkullsplitter TusksKebok42 Stranglethorn Vale
Lord Aliden PerenoldeLord Aliden PerenoldeKrusk42 Hillsbrad FoothillsTaretha's Gift
Keep An Eye OutKeep An Eye OutDizzy One-Eye42 Stranglethorn Vale
Split Bone NecklaceSplit Bone NecklaceKin'weelay42 Stranglethorn Vale
Sigil of Trollbane (Group)Sigil of Trollbane (Group)Zengu42 Arathi HighlandsTrol'kalar
Trolkalar (Group)Trolkalar (Group)Zengu42 Arathi HighlandsTrol'kalar
Trolkalar (Group)Trolkalar (Group)Trollbane's Tomb42 Arathi Highlands
Breaking the Keystone (Group)Breaking the Keystone (Group)Stone of Inner Binding42 Arathi HighlandsMyzrael's AlliesMyzrael's Allies
Lack of SurplusLack of SurplusTok'Kar42 Swamp of SorrowsThreat From the Sea
Study of the Elements: RockStudy of the Elements: RockLotwil Veriatus42 BadlandsStone Is Better than Cloth
Stone Is Better than ClothStone Is Better than ClothLucien Tosselwrench42 Badlands
This Is Going to Be HardThis Is Going to Be HardLotwil Veriatus42 BadlandsThis Is Going to Be Hard
MurdalocMurdalocBattered Dwarven Skeleton42 BadlandsAgmond's Fate
This Is Going to Be HardThis Is Going to Be HardLucien Tosselwrench42 BadlandsThis Is Going to Be Hard
Into The Scarlet MonasteryInto The Scarlet MonasteryVarimathras42 The Undercity
Indurium OreIndurium OrePozzik42 Badlands
Nothing But The TruthNothing But The TruthDeathstalker Zraedus42 DuskwoodNothing But The Truth
Khan Hratha (Group)Khan Hratha (Group)Uthek the Wise42 Desolace
Khan Hratha (Group)Khan Hratha (Group)Warug42 Desolace
Nothing But The Truth (Group)Nothing But The Truth (Group)Apothecary Faustin42 Duskwood
Nothing But The TruthNothing But The Truth42 Duskwood
Nothing But The TruthNothing But The Truth42 Duskwood
DriftwoodDriftwoodWatcher Biggs42 Swamp of SorrowsDeliver the Shipment
Deliver the ShipmentDeliver the ShipmentWatcher Biggs42 Swamp of Sorrows
Back to UldamanBack to UldamanTalvash del Kissel42 City of IronforgeFind the Gems
Uldaman Reagent RunUldaman Reagent RunJarkal Mossmeld42 Badlands
Translating the JournalTranslating the JournalRemains of a Paladin42 UldamanTranslating the Journal
Translating the JournalTranslating the JournalJarkal Mossmeld42 BadlandsFind the Gems and Power Source
War on the WoodpawWar on the WoodpawHadoken Swiftstrider42 FeralasAlpha Strike
Grim MessageGrim MessageNimboya42 The Hinterlands
Bring the EndBring the EndAndrew Brownell42 The Undercity
Replacement PhialReplacement PhialTalvash del Kissel42 City of Ironforge
Bring the LightBring the LightArchbishop Benedictus42 Stormwind City
Shadowshard FragmentsShadowshard FragmentsUthel'nay42 Orgrimmar
Shadowshard FragmentsShadowshard FragmentsArchmage Tervosh42 Dustwallow Marsh

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