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Marauding Crust BurstersMarauding Crust BurstersForeman Razelcraz61 Hellfire Peninsula
A Hasty DepartureA Hasty DepartureFar Seer Regulkut61 Hellfire Peninsula
Preparing the SalvePreparing the SalveGrelag61 Hellfire Peninsula
When Helboars FlyWhen Helboars FlyWatch Commander Krunk61 Hellfire Peninsula
Voidwalkers Gone WildVoidwalkers Gone Wild"Screaming" Screed Luckheed61 Hellfire Peninsula
(Deprecated) Ravager Roundup(Deprecated) Ravager Roundup61 Hellfire Peninsula
Ravager Egg RoundupRavager Egg RoundupLegassi61 Hellfire PeninsulaHelboar, the Other White Meat
A Peons Work is Never DoneA Peons Work is Never DoneWatch Commander Krunk61 Hellfire Peninsula
Voidwalkers Gone WildVoidwalkers Gone Wild"Screaming" Screed Luckheed61 Hellfire Peninsula
A Job for an Intelligent ManA Job for an Intelligent ManForeman Biggums61 Hellfire Peninsula
Smooth as ButterSmooth as ButterLegassi61 Hellfire Peninsula
Helboar, the Other White MeatHelboar, the Other White MeatLegassi61 Hellfire PeninsulaSmooth as Butter
Missing MissiveMissing MissiveEroded Leather Case61 Hellfire Peninsula
Through the Dark PortalThrough the Dark PortalWarlord Dar'toon61 Blasted LandsArrival in Outland
No More Mushrooms!No More Mushrooms!Magasha61 Zangarmarsh
The Path of GloryThe Path of GloryWarp-Scryer Kryv61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Temple of Telhamat
Unyielding SoulsUnyielding SoulsHonor Guard Wesilow61 Hellfire PeninsulaLooking to the Leadership
Waste Not, Want NotWaste Not, Want NotDumphry61 Hellfire PeninsulaLaying Waste to the Unwanted
Bleeding Hollow SuppliesBleeding Hollow SuppliesLieutenant Amadi61 Hellfire Peninsula
Looking to the LeadershipLooking to the LeadershipHonor Guard Wesilow61 Hellfire Peninsula
An Old GiftAn Old GiftFather Malgor Devidicus61 Hellfire Peninsula
Dealing With ZethGorDealing With ZethGorStone Guard Ambelan61 Hellfire PeninsulaImpending Doom
Impending DoomImpending DoomStone Guard Ambelan61 Hellfire Peninsula
The UnyieldingThe UnyieldingGrelag61 Hellfire Peninsula
Laying Waste to the UnwantedLaying Waste to the UnwantedDumphry61 Hellfire Peninsula
When This Mines a-RockinWhen This Mines a-RockinForeman Biggums61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Mastermind
I Work... For the Horde!I Work... For the Horde!Megzeg Nukklebust61 Hellfire PeninsulaBurn It Up... For the Horde!
Burn It Up... For the Horde!Burn It Up... For the Horde!Megzeg Nukklebust61 Hellfire Peninsula
The MastermindThe MastermindForeman Biggums61 Hellfire Peninsula
Report to ZuraiReport to ZuraiRanger Captain Venn'ren61 Hellfire Peninsula
Through the Dark PortalThrough the Dark PortalWatch Commander Relthorn Netherwane61 Hellfire Peninsula
Arrival in OutlandArrival in OutlandLieutenant General Orion61 Hellfire PeninsulaJourney to Thrallmar
Eradicate the Burning LegionEradicate the Burning LegionNazgrel61 Hellfire PeninsulaFelspark Ravine
The Citadels ReachThe Citadels ReachLieutenant Amadi61 Hellfire PeninsulaWarboss Nekrogg's Orders
Felspark RavineFelspark RavineSergeant Shatterskull61 Hellfire PeninsulaForward Base: Reaver's Fall
Forward Base: Reavers FallForward Base: Reavers FallSergeant Shatterskull61 Hellfire PeninsulaDisrupt Their Reinforcements
Warboss Nekroggs OrdersWarboss Nekroggs OrdersWarboss Nekrogg's Orders61 Hellfire PeninsulaSaving Private Imarion
Saving Private ImarionSaving Private ImarionImarion's Shield61 Hellfire Peninsula
The Western FlankThe Western FlankLieutenant Amadi61 Hellfire Peninsula
Under Whose Orders?Under Whose Orders?Lieutenant Amadi61 Hellfire Peninsula
Journey to Honor HoldJourney to Honor HoldAmish Wildhammer61 Hellfire PeninsulaForce Commander Danath
The Legion RebornThe Legion RebornForce Commander Danath Trollbane61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Path of Anguish
The Path of AnguishThe Path of AnguishSergeant Altumus61 Hellfire PeninsulaExpedition Point
Expedition PointExpedition PointSergeant Altumus61 Hellfire PeninsulaDisrupt Their Reinforcements
The Citadels ReachThe Citadels ReachShadow Hunter Ty'jin61 Hellfire PeninsulaWarboss Nekrogg's Orders
Warboss Nekroggs OrdersWarboss Nekroggs OrdersManni61 Hellfire PeninsulaSaving Scout Makha
The Western FlankThe Western FlankManni61 Hellfire Peninsula
Saving Scout MakhaSaving Scout MakhaMakha's Shield61 Hellfire PeninsulaPlanning the Escape
Planning the EscapePlanning the EscapeScout Makha61 Hellfire PeninsulaProvoking the Warboss
Provoking the WarbossProvoking the WarbossScout Makha61 Hellfire PeninsulaDealing With Zeth'Gor
Under Whose Orders?Under Whose Orders?Stone Guard Ambelan61 Hellfire Peninsula
Bleeding Hollow SuppliesBleeding Hollow SuppliesStone Guard Ambelan61 Hellfire Peninsula
Know your EnemyKnow your EnemyForce Commander Danath Trollbane61 Hellfire PeninsulaFel Orc Scavengers
In Case of Emergency...In Case of Emergency..."Screaming" Screed Luckheed61 Hellfire PeninsulaVoidwalkers Gone WildVoidwalkers Gone Wild
Investigate the CrashInvestigate the CrashGrelag61 Hellfire Peninsula
When This Mines a-RockinWhen This Mines a-RockinForeman Razelcraz61 Hellfire Peninsula
Make Them ListenMake Them ListenEmissary Mordiba61 Hellfire Peninsula
Decipher the TomeDecipher the TomeMysterious Tome61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Battle Horn
The Battle HornThe Battle HornAlthen the Historian61 Hellfire PeninsulaBloody Vengeance
Outland Sucks!Outland Sucks!Foreman Razelcraz61 Hellfire PeninsulaHow to Serve Goblins
How to Serve GoblinsHow to Serve GoblinsForeman Razelcraz61 Hellfire PeninsulaShizz Work
Bloody VengeanceBloody VengeanceAlthen the Historian61 Hellfire PeninsulaHonor the Fallen
Honor the FallenHonor the FallenAlthen the Historian61 Hellfire Peninsula
The Warp RiftsThe Warp RiftsOgath the Mad61 Hellfire PeninsulaVoid Ridge
Arrival in OutlandArrival in OutlandCommander Duron61 Hellfire PeninsulaJourney to Honor Hold
Journey to ThrallmarJourney to ThrallmarVlagga Freyfeather61 Hellfire PeninsulaReport to Nazgrel
Void RidgeVoid RidgeOgath the Mad61 Hellfire PeninsulaFrom the Abyss
Go to the FrontGo to the FrontWing Commander Gryphongar61 Hellfire PeninsulaDisruption - Forge Camp: Mageddon
Return to ThrallmarReturn to ThrallmarForward Commander To'arch61 Hellfire PeninsulaForge Camp: Mageddon
The Agony and the DarknessThe Agony and the DarknessMagister Bloodhawk61 Hellfire Peninsula
Forge Camp: MageddonForge Camp: MageddonNazgrel61 Hellfire PeninsulaCannons of Rage
Cannons of RageCannons of RageNazgrel61 Hellfire PeninsulaDoorway to the Abyss
Doorway to the AbyssDoorway to the AbyssNazgrel61 Hellfire PeninsulaCruel's Intentions
Vile PlansVile PlansBurning Legion Missive61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Agony and the Darkness
Disruption - Forge Camp: MageddonDisruption - Forge Camp: MageddonField Marshal Brock61 Hellfire PeninsulaEnemy of my Enemy...
The Dark MissiveThe Dark MissiveBurning Legion Missive61 Hellfire PeninsulaOverlordThe Heart of Darkness
Enemy of my Enemy...Enemy of my Enemy...Field Marshal Brock61 Hellfire PeninsulaInvasion Point: Annihilator
Invasion Point: AnnihilatorInvasion Point: AnnihilatorField Marshal Brock61 Hellfire Peninsula
The Heart of DarknessThe Heart of DarknessWarp-Scryer Kryv61 Hellfire Peninsula
Helping the Cenarion PostHelping the Cenarion PostFalconer Drenna Riverwind61 Hellfire Peninsula
Helping the Cenarion PostHelping the Cenarion PostAmaan the Wise61 Hellfire Peninsula
Shizz WorkShizz WorkForeman Razelcraz61 Hellfire PeninsulaBeneath Thrallmar
Beneath ThrallmarBeneath ThrallmarForeman Razelcraz61 Hellfire Peninsula
ZethGor Must Burn!ZethGor Must Burn!Captain Darkhowl61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Eyes of Grillok
Apothecary AntonivichApothecary AntonivichApothecary Albreck61 Hellfire PeninsulaA Burden of Souls
The Demoniac Scryer (Group)The Demoniac Scryer (Group)Apothecary Antonivich61 Hellfire PeninsulaReport to Nazgrel
A Burden of SoulsA Burden of SoulsApothecary Antonivich61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Demoniac Scryer
Report to NazgrelReport to NazgrelApothecary Antonivich61 Hellfire Peninsula
Return to Honor HoldReturn to Honor HoldCorporal Ironridge61 Hellfire PeninsulaDigging for Prayer BeadsFei Fei's TreatFel Spirits
Fel SpiritsFel SpiritsAssistant Klatu61 Hellfire PeninsulaThe Exorcism of Colonel Jules
Digging for Prayer BeadsDigging for Prayer BeadsAssistant Klatu61 Hellfire Peninsula
Fei Feis TreatFei Feis TreatWarrant Officer Tracy Proudwell61 Hellfire Peninsula
The Exorcism of Colonel JulesThe Exorcism of Colonel JulesAssistant Klatu61 Hellfire PeninsulaTrollbane is Looking for You
Trollbane is Looking for YouTrollbane is Looking for YouAssistant Klatu61 Hellfire PeninsulaDrill the Drillmaster

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