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Wanted:  "Hogger" (Group)Wanted: "Hogger" (Group)11 Elwynn Forest
Deaths in the FamilyDeaths in the FamilyColeman Farthing11 Tirisfal GladesSpeak with Sevren
Rear Guard PatrolRear Guard PatrolDeathguard Linnea11 Tirisfal Glades
A New PlagueA New PlagueApothecary Johaan11 Tirisfal GladesA New Plague
Rat CatchingRat CatchingMountaineer Kadrell11 Loch Modan
A Pilots RevengeA Pilots RevengePilot Hammerfoot11 Dun Morogh
Thelsamar Blood SausagesThelsamar Blood SausagesVidra Hearthstove11 Loch Modan
Arugals FollyArugals FollyDalar Dawnweaver11 Silverpine ForestArugal's Folly
Wild HeartsWild HeartsRane Yorick11 Silverpine ForestReturn to Quinn
Return to QuinnReturn to QuinnApothecary Renferrel11 Silverpine ForestIvar the Foul
The Public ServantThe Public ServantSenator Mehr Stonehallow11 Dun Morogh
Escorting ErlandEscorting ErlandDeathstalker Erland11 Silverpine ForestThe Deathstalkers' Report
The Deathstalkers ReportThe Deathstalkers ReportRane Yorick11 Silverpine ForestSpeak with Renferrel
A New PlagueA New PlagueApothecary Johaan11 Tirisfal Glades
Preparation for CeremonyPreparation for CeremonyEyahn Eagletalon11 Thunder Bluff
Lost But Not ForgottenLost But Not ForgottenMisha Tor'kren11 Durotar
Securing the LinesSecuring the LinesRezlak11 Durotar
Crown of the EarthCrown of the EarthCorithras Moonrage11 TeldrassilCrown of the Earth
Crown of the EarthCrown of the EarthCorithras Moonrage11 Teldrassil
The Enchanted GladeThe Enchanted GladeSentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak11 TeldrassilTeldrassil
TeldrassilTeldrassilSentinel Arynia Cloudsbreak11 TeldrassilGrove of the Ancients
Grove of the AncientsGrove of the AncientsArch Druid Fandral Staghelm11 Darnassus
Wharfmaster DizzywigWharfmaster DizzywigApothecary Helbrim11 The Barrens
Creature of the VoidCreature of the VoidGan'rul Bloodeye11 Orgrimmar
The BindingThe BindingGan'rul Bloodeye11 Orgrimmar
Call of FireCall of FireKranal Fiss11 The BarrensCall of Fire
VejrekVejrekMuren Stormpike11 City of IronforgeTormus Deepforge
Tormus DeepforgeTormus DeepforgeMuren Stormpike11 City of IronforgeIronband's Compound
Ironbands CompoundIronbands CompoundTormus Deepforge11 City of Ironforge
Agamand HeirloomsAgamand HeirloomsColeman Farthing11 Tirisfal Glades
Heirloom WeaponHeirloom Weapon11 Elwynn Forest
Crown of the EarthCrown of the Earth11 Teldrassil
ZulMaroshZulMaroshVen'jashi11 Eversong WoodsAmani Invasion
Goldenmist VillageGoldenmist VillageArcanist Vandril11 GhostlandsWindrunner Village
Tombers SuppliesTombers SuppliesRathis Tomber11 Ghostlands
Investigate AndarothInvestigate AndarothDame Auriferous11 GhostlandsInto Occupied Territory
Anoksuten (Group)Anoksuten (Group)Dying Blood Elf11 Ghostlands
Amani InvasionAmani InvasionAmani Invasion PlansCategory:Eversong Woods11 Eversong WoodsWarning Fairbreeze Village
Warning Fairbreeze VillageWarning Fairbreeze VillageLieutenant Dawnrunner11 Eversong Woods
Gurfs DignityGurfs Dignity11 Azuremyst Isle
Chieftain OomoorooChieftain OomoorooStillpine the Younger11 Azuremyst Isle
Learning from the CrystalsLearning from the CrystalsHarbinger Mikolaas11 Bloodmyst IsleThe Missing Survey TeamThe Second Sample
ControlControlSemid11 Azuremyst Isle
Warn Your PeopleWarn Your PeopleHigh Chief Stillpine11 Azuremyst Isle
Coming of AgeComing of AgeExarch Menelaous11 Azuremyst IsleElekks Are Serious Business
Elekks Are Serious BusinessElekks Are Serious BusinessTorallius the Pack Handler11 The ExodarAlien Predators
Alien PredatorsAlien PredatorsVorkhan the Elekk Herder11 Bloodmyst Isle

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