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WoW - Taming the Beast

Quest Info

Objectives & Description

Start NPC: Yaw Sharpmane
Start Zone: Mulgore
Quest Level: 10
Next Quest: Taming the Beast
WoW Gold:
XP Reward: 85
Use the Taming Rod to tame an Adult Plainstrider. Practice your skills, then return the Taming Rod to Yaw Sharpmane in Bloodhoof Village.
As a tauren, it is important to follow the traditions of our ancestors by fighting mighty creatures. By besting these creatures, we are able to intake their spirits, allowing us to become closer to the Earthmother.In the same way, taming a beast to fight alongside us helps us become one with nature around us. Eventually, you will learn to tame a beast of your choosing. But all things take practice, and you have much to learn. Begin by taking this taming rod; you must tame an adult plainstrider.

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