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WoW - Dream Dust in the Swamp

Quest Info

Objectives & Description

Start NPC: Krazek
Start Zone: Stranglethorn Vale
Quest Level: 36
Previous Quest: The Rumormonger
Next Quest: Rumors for Kravel
WoW Gold:
XP Reward: 350
Bring 10 Specks of Dream Dust to Krazek in Booty Bay. Dream Dust is gathered from the dragon whelps of the Swamp of Sorrows.
Getting the information on Nazz is quite a favor, <Name>. Yes, quite a favor. But you've come all the way from the Shimmering Flats to get it... are you willing to travel some more?While I contact my sources, why don't you gather something for me, eh?Hm... what will it be? How about dream dust, from the dragon whelps of the Swamp of Sorrows. Yes, I'd love some dream dust for my snuff pouch!Get it for me, <Name>, and I'll give you the information you seek.

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