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Bind: Slot: Type:

WoW Honed Stiletto of Strength

Honed Stiletto of Strength
Honed Stiletto of Strength
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: One-Hand
DPS: (15.7 dmg per sec)
Damage: 15 - 29
Speed: 1.40
+4-5 Strength
Required Level: 25
Type: Weapons - Dagger

Honed Stiletto of Strength Drops

Honed Stiletto of Strength
Scarlet TraineeScarlet Trainee ~ 0%28-30Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Quilguard ChampionQuilguard Champion ~ 0%30-31Razorfen Kraul Humanoid
Scarlet SentryScarlet Sentry ~ 0%30-31Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Saltstone BasiliskSaltstone Basilisk ~ 0%30-31Thousand Needles Beast
Young Stranglethorn TigerYoung Stranglethorn Tiger ~ 0%30-31Stranglethorn Vale Beast
Scarlet TorturerScarlet Torturer ~ 0%29-31Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Legion HoundLegion Hound ~ 0%29-30Ashenvale Demon
Highland StriderHighland Strider ~ 0%30-31Arathi Highlands Beast
Nightbane Tainted OneNightbane Tainted One ~ 0%30-31Duskwood Humanoid
Cave YetiCave Yeti ~ 0%30-31Hillsbrad Foothills, Alterac Mountains Humanoid

Honed Stiletto of Strength - Honed Stiletto of Strength | WoW Honed Stiletto of Strength - World of Warcraft Honed Stiletto of Strength

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