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WoW A Talking Head

A Talking Head
A Talking Head
Bind: Binds when picked up
Use: Quest
Required Level: 12
Type: Quest - Quest
Quest, Drop

A Talking Head Related Quests

A Talking Head
Resting in PiecesResting in PiecesCaretaker Alaric17 Silverpine ForestThe Hidden Niche

A Talking Head Drops

A Talking Head
Rot Hide BruteRot Hide Brute ~ 0.1%16-17Silverpine Forest Undead
Rot Hide Plague WeaverRot Hide Plague Weaver ~ 0.1%17-18Silverpine Forest Undead
Rot Hide SavageRot Hide Savage ~ 0.1%17-19Silverpine Forest Undead
Raging Rot HideRaging Rot Hide ~ 0%17-19Silverpine Forest Undead

A Talking Head - A Talking Head | WoW A Talking Head - World of Warcraft A Talking Head

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