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WoW Jade

Use: Quest, Recipe, Reagent
Auction House Gold:: 1 67 (33 46 for 20)
Vendor Price: 7
Type: Gem - Simple
Quest, Drop, Fishing

Jade Related Quests

Find AgmondFind AgmondProspector Ironband38 Loch ModanMurdaloc
Crown of the EarthCrown of the EarthCorithras Moonrage5 TeldrassilCrown of the Earth
Items of PowerItems of PowerTabetha40 Dustwallow Marsh
A Grim DiscoveryA Grim DiscoveryKrueg Skullsplitter45 Thousand Needles
Put Her DownPut Her DownHelendisCategory:Blackrock Spire59 Burning Steppes
The Pack MistressThe Pack MistressGalamav the Marksman59 Badlands
The Sleeper Has AwakenedThe Sleeper Has AwakenedKerlonian Evershade20 Darkshore
Weaken the RampartsWeaken the RampartsStone Guard Stok'ton62 Hellfire Peninsula
Weaken the RampartsWeaken the RampartsLieutenant Chadwick62 Hellfire PeninsulaHeart of Rage

Jade Drops

Saltscale WarriorSaltscale Warrior ~ 34.2%35-36Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Mechanized GuardianMechanized Guardian ~ 12.8%31-32Gnomeregan Mechanical
Elder Cloud SerpentElder Cloud Serpent ~ 2.1%27-29Thousand Needles Beast
Saltstone BasiliskSaltstone Basilisk ~ 1.6%30-31Thousand Needles Beast
Sparkleshell SnapperSparkleshell Snapper ~ 0.9%33-35Thousand Needles Beast
Gelkis StamperGelkis Stamper ~ 0.8%33-34Desolace HumanoidMagram Clan Centaur +20
Gelkis Clan Centaur -100
Kurzen Jungle FighterKurzen Jungle Fighter ~ 0.8%32-33Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Bloodscalp WarriorBloodscalp Warrior ~ 0.7%33-34Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Boulderfist BruteBoulderfist Brute ~ 0.6%35-36Arathi Highlands Humanoid
Scarlet GallantScarlet Gallant ~ 0.5%33-34Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Scarlet DivinerScarlet Diviner ~ 0.5%34-35Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Kurzen Medicine ManKurzen Medicine Man ~ 0.5%32-33Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Scarlet ChaplainScarlet Chaplain ~ 0.4%34-36Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Skullsplitter MysticSkullsplitter Mystic ~ 0.4%39-40Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Scarlet MonkScarlet Monk ~ 0.3%35-36Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Unfettered SpiritUnfettered Spirit ~ 0.3%30-32Scarlet Monastery Undead
Scarlet SoldierScarlet Soldier ~ 0.3%34-36Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Shadowforge WarriorShadowforge Warrior ~ 0.3%38-39Badlands Humanoid

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