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Bind: Slot: Type:

WoW Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath

Abjurer@s Bands of Shadow Wrath
Abjurers Bands of Shadow Wrath
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Wrist
Armorage: 27
+16 Shadow Spell Damage
Required Level: 43
Type: Armor - Cloth

Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath Drops

Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath
Varothens GhostVarothens Ghost ~ 0.3%48Azshara Undead
Retherokk the BerserkerRetherokk the Berserker ~ 0.2%48The Hinterlands Humanoid
Arash-ethisArash-ethis ~ 0.2%49Feralas Beast
Dark Iron SentryDark Iron Sentry ~ 0%47-48Searing Gorge Humanoid
Unliving AtalaiUnliving Atalai ~ 0%47-49The Temple of Atal'Hakkar Undead
Atalai WarriorAtalai Warrior ~ 0%47-49The Temple of Atal'Hakkar Humanoid
Anvilrage OverseerAnvilrage Overseer ~ 0%47-49Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain Humanoid
Heavy War GolemHeavy War Golem ~ 0%47-49Searing Gorge Elemental
Witch Doctor ZumrahWitch Doctor Zumrah ~ 0%44-46Zul'Farrak Humanoid
Silvermane StalkerSilvermane Stalker ~ 0%47-48The Hinterlands Beast

Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath - Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath | WoW Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath - World of Warcraft Abjurer's Bands of Shadow Wrath

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