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WoW Aboriginal Sash of Healing

Aboriginal Sash of Healing
Aboriginal Sash of Healing
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Waist
Armorage: 16
+4-7 Healing Spells
Required Level: 10
Type: Armor - Cloth

Aboriginal Sash of Healing Drops

Aboriginal Sash of Healing
Deviate CreeperDeviate Creeper ~ 1.1%14-16Wailing Caverns, The Barrens Beast
Ragefire TroggRagefire Trogg ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Humanoid
Searing Blade CultistSearing Blade Cultist ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Humanoid
Ragefire ShamanRagefire Shaman ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Humanoid
Searing Blade EnforcerSearing Blade Enforcer ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Humanoid
Venture Co. DrudgerVenture Co. Drudger ~ 0%13-15The Barrens Humanoid
Molten ElementalMolten Elemental ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Elemental
EarthborerEarthborer ~ 0%11-14Ragefire Chasm Beast
Searing Blade WarlockSearing Blade Warlock ~ 0%13-15Ragefire Chasm Humanoid
Sunscale ScreecherSunscale Screecher ~ 0%13-15The Barrens Beast

Aboriginal Sash of Healing - Aboriginal Sash of Healing | WoW Aboriginal Sash of Healing - World of Warcraft Aboriginal Sash of Healing

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