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WoW Watcher's Cuffs of Healing

Watcher@s Cuffs of Healing
Watchers Cuffs of Healing
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Wrist
Armorage: 17
+11 Healing Spells
Required Level: 21
Type: Armor - Cloth

Watcher's Cuffs of Healing Drops

Watcher's Cuffs of Healing
Razorfen DefenderRazorfen Defender ~ 0%27-28Razorfen Kraul Humanoid
Twilight ElementalistTwilight Elementalist ~ 0%26-27Blackfathom Deeps Humanoid
Grimtotem StomperGrimtotem Stomper ~ 0%26-27Thousand Needles Humanoid
Galak WranglerGalak Wrangler ~ 0%25-26Thousand Needles Humanoid
Grimtotem BanditGrimtotem Bandit ~ 0%24-26Thousand Needles Humanoid
Befouled Water ElementalBefouled Water Elemental ~ 0%23-25Ashenvale Elemental
Horde ScoutHorde Scout ~ 0%26-28Ashenvale Humanoid
Mirkfallon KeeperMirkfallon Keeper ~ 0%26-27Stonetalon Mountains Humanoid
Twilight ShadowmageTwilight Shadowmage ~ 0%26-27Blackfathom Deeps Humanoid
Cenarion CaretakerCenarion Caretaker ~ 0%25-26Stonetalon Mountains Humanoid

Watcher's Cuffs of Healing - Watcher's Cuffs of Healing | WoW Watcher's Cuffs of Healing - World of Warcraft Watcher's Cuffs of Healing

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