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WoW Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath

Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath
Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Held In Off-hand
+4 Holy Spell Damage
Required Level: 15
Type: Armor - Miscellaneous

Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath Drops

Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath
Druid of the FangDruid of the Fang ~ 0%18-20Wailing Caverns Humanoid
Deviate GuardianDeviate Guardian ~ 0%17-19Wailing Caverns Beast
Deviate ViperDeviate Viper ~ 0%18-20Wailing Caverns Beast
Deviate AdderDeviate Adder ~ 0%17-19Wailing Caverns Beast
Deviate ShamblerDeviate Shambler ~ 0%18-20Wailing Caverns Elemental
Blackfathom Tide PriestessBlackfathom Tide Priestess ~ 0%19-21Blackfathom Deeps, Ashenvale Humanoid
Venture Co. LoggerVenture Co. Logger ~ 0%18-19Stonetalon Mountains Humanoid
Deviate RavagerDeviate Ravager ~ 0%17-19Wailing Caverns Beast
Fallenroot SatyrFallenroot Satyr ~ 0%19-21Blackfathom Deeps Demon
Deviate DreadfangDeviate Dreadfang ~ 0%20-21Wailing Caverns Beast

Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath - Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath | WoW Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath - World of Warcraft Aboriginal Rod of Holy Wrath

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