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Bind: Slot: Type:

WoW Pillager's Girdle of the Boar

Pillager@s Girdle of the Boar
Pillagers Girdle of the Boar
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Waist
Armorage: 117
+6 Spirit
+6 Strength
Required Level: 28
Type: Armor - Mail

Pillager's Girdle of the Boar Drops

Pillager's Girdle of the Boar
Saltstone CrystalhideSaltstone Crystalhide ~ 0%32-33Thousand Needles Beast
Withered SpearhideWithered Spearhide ~ 0%33-35Razorfen Downs, The Barrens Undead
Slitherblade MyrmidonSlitherblade Myrmidon ~ 0%34-35Desolace Humanoid
Razorfen BattleguardRazorfen Battleguard ~ 0%33-34The Barrens Humanoid
Sparkleshell TortoiseSparkleshell Tortoise ~ 0%29-31Thousand Needles Beast
Raging Thunder LizardRaging Thunder Lizard ~ 0%33-34Desolace Beast
Drysnap CrawlerDrysnap Crawler ~ 0%33-34Desolace Humanoid
Withered Battle BoarWithered Battle Boar ~ 0%32-34Razorfen Downs Undead
Magram OutrunnerMagram Outrunner ~ 0%31-33Desolace HumanoidGelkis Clan Centaur +20
Magram Clan Centaur -100
Quilguard ChampionQuilguard Champion ~ 0%30-31Razorfen Kraul Humanoid

Pillager's Girdle of the Boar - Pillager's Girdle of the Boar | WoW Pillager's Girdle of the Boar - World of Warcraft Pillager's Girdle of the Boar

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