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WoW Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf

Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf
Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Shoulder
Armorage: 86
+8-9 Agility
+8-9 Spirit
Required Level: 37
Type: Armor - Leather

Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf Drops

Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf
Zularek HatefowlerZularek Hatefowler ~ 0.5%43The Hinterlands Humanoid
Cursed CentaurCursed Centaur ~ 0.3%43Maraudon, Desolace Humanoid
Skullsplitter MysticSkullsplitter Mystic ~ 0%39-40Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Scalding WhelpScalding Whelp ~ 0%41-43Badlands
Elder Crag CoyoteElder Crag Coyote ~ 0%39-40Badlands Beast
Scorched GuardianScorched Guardian ~ 0%43-45Badlands
Naga ExplorerNaga Explorer ~ 0%43-44Stranglethorn Vale HumanoidBooty Bay +5
Bloodsail Buccaneers -25
High Inquisitor WhitemaneHigh Inquisitor Whitemane ~ 0%42Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Elder Mistvale GorillaElder Mistvale Gorilla ~ 0%40-41Stranglethorn Vale Beast
Greater Rock ElementalGreater Rock Elemental ~ 0%42-44Badlands Elemental

Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf - Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf | WoW Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf - World of Warcraft Ranger Shoulders of the Wolf

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