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Bind: Slot: Type:

WoW Phalanx Boots of the Whale

Phalanx Boots of the Whale
Phalanx Boots of the Whale
Bind: Binds when equipped
Slot: Feet
Armorage: 144
+6-7 Spirit
+6-7 Stamina
Required Level: 29
Type: Armor - Mail

Phalanx Boots of the Whale Drops

Phalanx Boots of the Whale
Mekgineer ThermapluggMekgineer Thermaplugg ~ 0.1%34Gnomeregan Mechanical
Scarlet DivinerScarlet Diviner ~ 0%34-35Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Shadowforge DiggerShadowforge Digger ~ 0%35-36Uldaman, Badlands, Loch Modan Humanoid
Shadowforge SurveyorShadowforge Surveyor ~ 0%35-36Badlands, Uldaman Humanoid
Bloodscalp MysticBloodscalp Mystic ~ 0%34-35Stranglethorn Vale Humanoid
Scarlet GallantScarlet Gallant ~ 0%33-34Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Scarlet Tracking HoundScarlet Tracking Hound ~ 0%33-34Scarlet Monastery Beast
Witherbark HeadhunterWitherbark Headhunter ~ 0%34-35Arathi Highlands Humanoid
Scarlet ChaplainScarlet Chaplain ~ 0%34-36Scarlet Monastery Humanoid
Crystal Spine BasiliskCrystal Spine Basilisk ~ 0%34-35Stranglethorn Vale Beast

Phalanx Boots of the Whale - Phalanx Boots of the Whale | WoW Phalanx Boots of the Whale - World of Warcraft Phalanx Boots of the Whale

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