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WoW A Crumpled Up Note

A Crumpled Up Note
A Crumpled Up Note
Bind: Binds when picked up
Use: Quest
Required Level: 50
Type: Quest - Quest
Quest, Drop

A Crumpled Up Note Related Quests

A Crumpled Up Note
A Crumpled Up NoteA Crumpled Up NoteA Crumpled Up NoteCategory:Blackrock Depths58 Blackrock DepthsA Shred of Hope

A Crumpled Up Note Drops

A Crumpled Up Note
Quarry SlaveQuarry Slave ~ 0.3%46-48Blackrock Mountain Humanoid
Anvilrage OverseerAnvilrage Overseer ~ 0.1%47-49Blackrock Depths, Blackrock Mountain Humanoid
Anvilrage SoldierAnvilrage Soldier ~ 0.1%51-53Blackrock Depths Humanoid
Shadowforge PeasantShadowforge Peasant ~ 0.1%52-54Blackrock Depths Humanoid
Blazing FireguardBlazing Fireguard ~ 0.1%52-54Blackrock Depths ElementalHydraxian Waterlords +3
Anvilrage OfficerAnvilrage Officer ~ 0.1%52-54Blackrock Depths Humanoid
Anvilrage MedicAnvilrage Medic ~ 0.1%51-53Blackrock Depths Humanoid
Anvilrage WardenAnvilrage Warden ~ 0%48-50Blackrock Mountain, Blackrock Depths Humanoid
BloodhoundBloodhound ~ 0%48-50Blackrock Depths Demon
Anvilrage FootmanAnvilrage Footman ~ 0%50-52Blackrock Depths Humanoid

A Crumpled Up Note - A Crumpled Up Note | WoW A Crumpled Up Note - World of Warcraft A Crumpled Up Note

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