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WoW Advanced Target Dummy

Advanced Target Dummy
Advanced Target Dummy
Requires Devices(185)
Use: Drops a target dummy on the ground that attracts nearby monsters to attack it. Lasts for 15 seconds or until killed.
Auction House Gold:: 3 81 (38 16 for 10)
Cost to make: 1 87
Vendor Price: 25
Type: Trade Goods - Devices

Advanced Target Dummy Related Quests

Advanced Target Dummy
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Advanced Target Dummy Ingredients

Advanced Target Dummy

Bronze Framework Bronze Framework x1

29 Trade Goods / PartsRecipe, Vendor, Drop, Fishing

Gyrochronatom Gyrochronatom x1

34 Trade Goods / PartsRecipe, Vendor, Drop

Heavy Leather Heavy Leather x4

30 Trade Goods / Trade GoodsRecipe, Vendor, Drop

Iron Strut Iron Strut x1

32 Trade Goods / PartsRecipe, Drop

Advanced Target Dummy - Advanced Target Dummy | WoW Advanced Target Dummy - World of Warcraft Advanced Target Dummy

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